WPCampus 2024 will be held July 31 – August 2, 2024, in Washington, D.C. (United States), on the beautiful campus of Georgetown University.

For in-person attendees

General admission (July 31-Aug 2)

The cost of your General Admission ticket covers attendance at sessions and lunch on Thursday, August 1, and Friday, August 2.


  • Early Bird Ticket: $175 (available until May 22)
  • Full Event: $225
  • Workshop: $50
  • On-Campus Lodging: $300 (4 nights)

General admission does not cover the workshops on Wednesday, July 31.

In-person workshops (July 31)

Workshops take place on Wednesday, July 31. They are not included as part of the General Admission ticket, but a General Admission (in-person) ticket is required to attend a workshop.

The workshop fee helps us with facility costs and to provide refreshments/a snack break.

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For online-only attendees

Online-only tickets are free and provide access to the event’s online streams and functionality on Thursday, August 1, and Friday, August 2.

Online-only tickets do not cover the workshops on Wednesday, July 31.

Registration is required for online tickets.

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On-campus lodging

Air-conditioned on-campus lodging will be available for the event, helping to keep travel costs low and allowing attendees to stay near the venue and enjoy campus life.

You must pay for all 4 nights. You do not have to stay all 4 nights. We are unable to book and charge for rooms on a per-night basis.

Visit the on-campus lodging page for more information.

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Event Safety and Responsibility

We are committed to providing a safer environment for conference attendees, especially regarding community and public health, and have implemented Event Safety and Responsibility policies.

Refund policy

Tickets for WPCampus 2024 General Admission and Workshops can be fully refunded until the end of the day on July 10, 2024 (three weeks before the event).

After July 10, refunds will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

To request a refund, send an email to conference[at]