2024 Presenters

Apply Now for 2024

What we’re looking for

We’ll be looking for stories, how-tos, hypotheticals, demos, case studies and more for our fifth annual in-person conference focused on WordPress and Accessibility in Higher Education. We’d love to have you join us and share your insight and experience.

If you’re planning to submit a proposal for WPCampus 2024, don’t miss out on our upcoming Speaker Information Sessions. An opportunity to hear directly from the WPCampus team about what they are looking for in a successful proposal submission.

Our call for presenters will not be limited to those who work in higher Education, as you do not have to be in higher education to bring value to our community. At heart, we’re just web folk doing web things. We love talks on dev, design, content, strategy, management, being human, and whatever else you find valuable to make the web and higher education a better place.

With that said, we are a pretty niche community of folks working with accessibility and WordPress in higher education, and therefore, we prioritize talks that are more focused on our specific audience.

Need topic ideas?

We encourage you to check out the schedule from previous conferences for inspiration.

Our Slack channel is also a great place to ask questions, pitch ideas, and receive feedback from other community members. If you don’t have access to our Slack, use our Get Involved form to request an account.

Session Formats

While most sessions will be comprised of 45-minute lectures, we would love to provide a variety of formats. If standing up in a room in front of a bunch of people and talking for 45 minutes isn’t your thing, no problem. Lightning talks can be just as valuable for attendees. We also provide workshops and live panel discussions.

  • General lectures
    • Talks will be 45 minutes, which includes any time for questions.
  • Panel discussions
    • Round up a diverse group of 3-4 folks and discuss a particular topic. Be sure to choose a moderator!
    • Discussions will be 45 minutes, which includes any time for questions.
  • Hands-on Workshops
    • A few 2-4 hour hands-on workshop time slots are available.
    • Workshops are held a day early on Wednesday, July 31.
  • Lightning Talks
    • Give a 15-minute presentation for quick topic overviews.

Presenter Benefits

Accepted presenters will receive free admission and hordes of gratefulness and admiration for your investment in Higher Education. Also, swag.

Only one presenter will be comped per presentation.